Unlimited Marine Crane Windows

Unlimited Marine mfg: is a leader in manufacturing industrial crane cabs. 

We design and build our cabs for maximum visibility and operator comfort. 

Our cabs will perform in the toughest of environments day in and day out.  Let us create a solution to meet your exact requirements and specifications.

Specifics : All Aluminum Marine grade Fabrication to last! corrosion free. guaranteed 10 full yrs.

  • Size: Custom
  • Factory assembled, pre-wired, pre-glazed, pre-finished
  • Frame: Welded Rectangular Aluminum and c-channel, sized for load and applications.
  • Floor: aluminum diamond plate, non-skid liner, rubber mat, industrial vinyl tile, carpet tile, plywood
  • Exterior: 1/4 to 3/8" thick Marine Grade Aluminum , continuously welded
  • Interior: 1/4 " Thick panel system built to retain insulation and provide a rigid surface to mount fixtures and equipment.
  • Windows: Tempered or laminated glass window units with tinting options
  • Window washers & wipers
  • Personnel Doors: Marine Grade Aluminum door with glass, key lock, panic hardware, closer, threshold, weather strip and hinges.
  • Insulation: Mineral wool sound & fire control
  • Electrical: Load center and required breakers, with interior/exterior lighting and outlets
  • Paint: Rust inhibiting primer and Marine AwlGrip finish to specification and installation location
  • HVAC: Through-wall or roof-top units
  • Lift Eyes: Roof or base mounted, removable or permanent
  • Anchoring System: Fabricated base anchors with through-hole for securing to foundation or structure


  • Floor: Removable floor panels, computer floor, troughs
  • Wireways, raceways, cable trays
  • Window defrosters (operable units)
  • Washroom
  • Counters
  • Control consoles
  • Ladders
  • Platforms & railing
  • Warning lights & horns
  • Operator chairs
Custom Windows for Cabs.

Our Windows are made to custom fit your Existing Cab or We can Provide a Cab already with windows and doors.